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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. right now a body near a baseball field. a man speaks out about making a very dispushing disturbing discovery. >> and what lochte regrets >> a storm is bringing flooding sunday. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica moore. a park on long island turns into a crime scene after a body was found near a baseball field. now we're hearing from a man who made that gruesome discovery. ali bauman is live in greenlawn with the latest on the investigation. ali. >> reporter: jessica, the park is basically pitch black here so when the sun rose the next
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morning stroll, discovered a dead body just under that tree. taking his routine walks through greenlawn park early saturday morning mike and his dog sunny made a gruesome discovery. >> he looked like he had sneakers on and his feet were pointing towards the pitchers mound. >> reporter: a man's body blow this tree that suffolk county police are investigating as a homicide. they say he had cuts and slashes all over but he kept his distance. >> i thought the guy was just -- had was -- nursing his hang over or, you know, his legs were crossed. another dog walker saw the body a half-hour later and called police around 7 a.m. they shut down the park saturday as investigators searched for clues. >> that man flagged down a passing motorist who called 911. patrol officers responded. they contacted homicide. >> reporter: a popular family
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greenlawn park is known for its safety. >> kids and families everywhere. my son plays little league right here. i'm shocked. i never heard of anything, murder, like that in greenlawn. >> reporter: it remained deserted into saturday night even after police were gone. parents say this murder mystery is giving them goosebumps. >> it's scary. >> my kids play in the park and, you know, now they have to play in the ball field where they found a dead body. >> reporter: he says once he found out what happe return here to tell investigators everything he knew. now police asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in greenlawn, long island, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. new video tonight of the mother accused of killing her stepdaughter in queens. 55-year-old shamdai arjun was led out of a police station in handcuffs charged with murdering 9-year-old ashdeep kaur found neighborhood and
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yesterday. no cause of death or motive. two other children in the home are now with child services. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is speaking out for the first time about a gas station confrontation that landed team usa in hot water. as steve overmyer reports, lochte is now taking full responsibility for his actions. >> none of this would have happened, and it was my immature behavior. >> reporter: 12-time medalist ryan lochte spoke tc interview since he and three other men allegedly vandalized a gas station and got into an altercation with security guards. the four initially told police they were robbed at gunpoint after leaving a party in rio. however, three of the swimmers eventually confessed to police revealing the story was a lie. lochte says it's all his fault. >> i over exaggerated that story and if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> reporter: we're also hearing from a witness to the chaos. a man says he stopped for gas
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security guards was resting his hand on a holstered gun. he stepped in to translate. he says the trouble started as the four swimmers tried to leave without paying for the damage and the security guards wouldn't let 'em. >> then they said not to call the police. later i knew why because they are athletes. >> reporter: swimmers paid $50 fo lochte says they are victim. >> there's a gunpoint in our direction. we are frightened. >> reporter: but the translator said never saw the security guard draw his gun. >> there was no aggression. they didn't touch them. there was nothing. pointing a gun at them? never. there was nothing like that. >> reporter: the international olympic committee has set up a disciplinary commission to investigate the incident. they will determine if the swimmers should be punished. >> it's interesting that you say full responsibility. a lot of people hear that interview and think he still
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and the ioc they have the possibility of taking gold medals from them. or they might do nothing. >> thank you. the heavy rain we had earlier today led to a bathing ban in nassau county. swimmers are urged to stay out of the water at 13 beaches along the north shore. to see if your beach is affected, visit our website, in suffolk county this afternoon drivers tried to streets. meteorologist elise finch is tracking more rain for tomorrow. >> yeah. tomorrow is actually going to be more significant more widespread rain event than what we sauteed. take a look. over the past 4 hours i mean, the bulk -- 24 hours, the bulk of rain focused on long island and where we saw in many locations three to four inches of rain. that rain fanned off into parts of connecticut, the lower hudson valley and into new jersey, but certainly the bull's eye today was long island. a little different story
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calmed down pretty significantly. but it is off to the west that we're expecting the next batch. so what we have is a cold front and we have a lot of activity out in advance of that front so showers and thunderstorms are going to push across the entire tri- state area as we head into the day tomorrow. as far as tonight is concerned, just some isolated showers and, of course, it stays humid, 74 degrees. i'll have more coming up in your full forecast. >> thank you. a bomb set off during an outdoor wedding in southeastern turkey killed at nearly 100 more. government officials called the blast a barbaric terror attack. they believe a suicide bomber carried it out. either kurdish militants or the "islamic state." no group has claimed responsibility. the country has been rocked by a wave of attacks over the past week. today's bombing comes as that country is still reeling from last month's failed coup. new at 11:00, we are learning more about the second
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yesterday's deadly nj transit bus crash. 49-year-old jesy garcia of newark was one of the passengers taken to university hospital right after the crash. she was pronounced dead several hours later. a friend of the family described the hard working woman very devoted to her family. >> she is a good mother but she was -- she was a phenomenal grandmother. and anyone that knew her, um, anyone that knew her knew that she was just absolutely crazy about her grandkids. >> one bus driver was killed. more than a dozen passengers are still recovering. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the crash. new york city cabdrivers are no longer required to understand english to get a license. cbs 2's brian conybeare has reaction from cabdrivers and passengers about this new taxi test. >> reporter: new york city has long been known as a melting
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different. >> where are you from? >> pakistan. >> india. >> guinea. >> bangladesh. >> liberia. >> reporter: according to the taxi and limousine commission, drivers across the city come from 167 different countries. and only 4% were born here in the united states. but as of this week, taxi drivers will no longer have to take a written english language exam to get a hack license something some passengers say is crazy. >> ho something if they can't speak english? >> how will they follow directions? >> reporter: even the yellow cab drivers we spoke without side the port authority bus terminal agree. >> we need to communicate with the customers. good english, good service. >> you have to speak the language so you can understand in order to serve them properly. >> reporter: a spokesman for the mayor says the change is about helping newly arrived immigrants get jobs.
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an education program that exposes all drivers to industry-specific english without diminishing the safe and reliable customer service that new yorkers expect. but competition from app-based services like uber is also an issue. >> right now yellow cab they're struggling right now. there's no drivers. so like they are so desperate right now. >> reporter: thankfully, most cabbies have gps to get where you're going. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. >> all cabdrivers will still be required to take a defensive driving course, medical exam and pass a drug test to get a license. turning to the race for the white house now, donald trump and hillary clinton both campaigning today with some surprisingly open results. trump spent the morning at trump tower holding a roundtable discussion with hispanic leaders from 12 states. creating the hispanic advisory council for trump. later at a rally in fredericksburg, trump again reached out to voters who say
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heard in this election cycle. >> this campaign is about giving a voice to those who don't have one. i am your voice! i am your voice! [ applause and cheers ] >> meanwhile, hillary clinton landed in nantucket, massachusetts, for a series of closed door fundraisers. she will be back rallying tomorrow and monday. still ahead, teenagers victimized, boys slashed by a stranger on now the attack is setting off serious safety concerns. >> plus -- >> great feeling to see her come out like that. >> -- a baby reunited with her mother after being trapped under a boat for nearly an hour. tonight, police reveal the miracle that saved her life. >> and trouble in the water. a pool parasite sickens more than 100 people. >> plus more rain for tomorrow. elise finch is timing out
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chaos in the bronx. people running for cover after shots were fired in the claremont section. it happened wednesday on college avenue.
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shot in the stomach is still recovering. police are searching for the car and the suspects responsible for the shooting. police on long island are searching for a slasher who attacked two teenaged boys. it happened last night in bellport. police say 15-year-old edwin andrade and a friend used a shortcut dirt path to get home through the woods and someone attacked them with a knife. they were slashed all over their bodi belly, and legs. like they tried to kill him. >> makes my heart hurt because that's a kid, no kid deserves to be hurt like that. >> both boys were seriously injured and are being treated at stony brook university hospital. new tonight, a dramatic rescue in florida. a toddler gets trapped under a boat for nearly an hour. it happened in brevard county when a family of four's boat crashed and overturned on the indian river. crews rushed to the area after several 911 calls.
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but police and a good samaritan spent nearly an hour trying to find a toddler. turns out she was under the overturned boat staying afloat thanks to life jacket and a small air pocket. >> we know she is under there. we are just not sure where and it was a very time-consuming process. i went under, came back, um, kind of sweeping my hand trying to find up inside the hull of the boat to locate the ch in good condition but the family was still checked out at the hospital. no word yet on what caused the boat to crash. a thrill seeker is hurt while riding a roller coaster at six flags in new jersey. a spokesman says one of their guests was hit in the face by an unknown object last night at 6 flags great adventure in jackson. the guest was on the el toro wooden coast. seen here in promotional video from the park. the coaster was shut down for inspection and reopened this
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the hospital. that person is expected to be okay. a health alert that might have you thinking twice about going for a swim. a parasite is making people sick in arizona. health officials say there's been an outbreak of cryptosporidium in the phoenix area. crypto, as it's common called, can cause vomiting and diarrhea. it's spread through fecal matter. the parasite has been found in more than 20 pools and has infected about 100 people. a new jersey-based fire truck is getting a on life here in new york. the 1977 max pumper had served demarest for 38 years. now it's being donated to the fdny family assistance unit but the transaction was complicated. because the truck had monetary value it couldn't just be given away. it was put up for auction. the new jersey firefighters bid on and bought the engine for $7,500. the truck will now be used by the fdny.
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with your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. some of us had some rain. >> there was some downpours out there today but it wasn't for everybody. as we head into the day tomorrow, a front will move through and bring us widespread rain. we'll check in with weather watchers. want to start out in western new jersey. this is big ed in lebanon. love the jersey. waiting on some today, yeah, rest assured, you are likely to see it tomorrow. a lot of temperatures in the 70s across the board. this is stan in greenwich who says it's 78 degrees. his comment, ah, welcome back, elise. thank you very much. can't wait for the cooler temperatures on tuesday. thank you. nice to be back from vacation. okay, actually it's nicer to be on vacation. let's not li. nice to be back, too. cooler temperatures through
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peekskill 73 degrees, hopefully though severe weather tomorrow just much- needed rain. we'll get the rain and we have a chance actually of seeing some severe weather tomorrow so it's going to be very active. this is our camera on the empire state building looking outside where it's mostly cloudy and 76 degrees. headlines, mostly quiet overnight tonight. weekend ends with the storm. and then we have that relief arriving on monday. by that i mean cooler temperatures and much lower humidity. 83 degrees, our high temperature to the norm in spite of that rain- cooled air. the vortex satellite and radar shows not much at the moment. but it is off to our west. this is all the activity out in advance of that cold front. so we are still tapping into a humid air mass and then the front moves through. so as we turn on your futurecast this is how we see it. could see some showers in the morning. so just be mindful you could be waking up, most of us will be waking up to mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog, could see some showers but really in the
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we start to see that line pushing through, continues to do so overnight and even could see some lingering showers very early monday morning before they clear long island. then refreshing, very, very different. tomorrow 84 degrees. warm but still muggy. again, we are going to see some showers and potentially some strong thunderstorms. then as we head into your monday look what happens behind that cold front. it's like a big broom sweeps out not only the humidity but also the r sunshine, 80 degrees. lower humidity, as well. monday is going to be really nice out there. tuesday the same. wednesday start to warm up and then not only the temperature will drop but we'll get a little bit of humidity starting to creeping humidity next week. >> picture-perfect days. >> we are glad you're back but i love your honesty. vacation hard to beat it right? >> i mean, kind of sort of. still ahead a big day at the park for the mets. and a false start for the giants in a their preseason
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steve overmyer joins us with sports and we're going to talk about the mets, right? >> 39 games left to go in the season. we're coming down to it right now. every game is important. the mets have been fading from play-off contention since the trading deadline. that's when they dealt for jay bruce who was hoping to reproduce what yoenis cespedes did last year. but he is only hitting .176 as a met. he had the day off clear off his head. wins in the final two games in to get back to .500. the return of cespedes gave them the punch they are lacking at the plate an rbi double in the first and third a solo shot. the mets 3-0 over san francisco. and they say that hitting is contagious. well, new york rallied for four more runs in the sixth. alejandro has cooled off in the last month but that gets him started. 7-2 mets. but the heartbeat for the mets is yoenis cespedes.
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average home runs and rbi despite missing 2 1/2 weeks. his second of the game brings him to 24 for the season. the mets beat the giants 9-5. they are five games back in the wild card. yankees and angels and rookie gary sanchez continues to rake. he is hitting .393 since his call-up. in 12 games, he has already hit 6 homers! that's why joe girardi is already very comfortable putting him at clean-up. that also means that the catcher is sanchez take his job. tonight, mccann in the dh roll gets a hit. 5-6 yankees in the 6th inning. the second straight weeks the giants looked sloppy and unprepared to play nfl caliber football. in fact, coach mcadoo told reporters at the half he couldn't find any positives. the only positive from today's game in buffalo is there were
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the field. manning, o'dell beckham, failed to menace in the preseason debuts. the first time ran 16 plays. they only had 32 yards to show for it. by comparison the defense looked better but not by much. rex ryan's squad jumped out to a 21-0 lead at the break. there was no silver lining today. nothing to hang your hat on. we had interceptions, fumbles, even a missed chip shot right here. giants buffalo, 21-0. last night's jets game proved there are no meaningless preseason games. a week ago, coach todd bowles said there's no competition for the backup quarterback job. well, after what he saw last night, he said every job is open. that's because bryce petty had his coming out party last night. petty was out there for 8 series against the redskins and he let the jets on three scoring drives including a pair of touchdowns. but most importantly, this is big, no interceptions.
11:27 pm
a quarterback decision in the next couple of weeks and petty just made a statement. >> do you believe that you have made this a real battle for the backup spot? >> you know, all i want to do is play. you know, whatever that is, coach said it best last night is, you know, you're playing for every position. whether here or somewhere else i want to make sure that people know that i love in hang on to first place. tough against the galaxy whose 15-goal differential is the most in the league. they started off fast thanks to david via and his 16th goal of the season. the only goal of the match. new york picks up three points with the victory. one-nil the final there. >> the jets player really had -- his morale is up. >> anytime you have a game
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when it's regular season or preseason. you should celebrate. >> we'll be right back. you ? ? ? award winning interface.
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follow us on facebook at that's it for cbs 2 news at 11:00. thank you for joining us. have a great night. see you back here at the same time tomorrow night. captions by: caption colorado
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